I am the owner and founder of Lucky's Barbershop. After over two decades of being a lead diesel mechanic, I decided to make an entire career change, one that better suited my passion and purpose. After completing barber school in 2017, Lucky's Barbershop was born. I believe in giving men the confidence and resources necessary to become successful leaders and role models, starting with faith, family, and freedom!
Born and raised in Southern California, I moved to Texas in 2005. I was a Police Officer for almost a decade, so haircuts were mandatory and I always had an appreciation for how they would turn out. After leaving my Department, I decided cutting and styling hair of all types was my second passion and am pursuing a new career path in this industry. With an extensive attention to detail, and working close with clients of all walks of life, I am so happy with the choice I have made for my son and I. I specialize in men's hair/beard dressing, and keeping the bar set high in men's grooming. I am also a Licensed Master Barber/Instructor. I look forward to having you in my chair soon! IG- @blueline.barber