The growth that I have experienced as a person and student during my time at MVNU would not have been possible without support and motivation from my peers. I decided to join the CSS because I want to do the same for other students who are seeking to grow and to improve on my teaching and communication skills!
I chose to work at the CSS because I wanted to use my skills to help people succeed in college.
I am looking forward to inspiring students to achieve their academic, personal, and spiritual goals through specific strategies and connection!
I want to work for the CSS to walk alongside students and help them develop study skills to succeed. I am looking forward to working with students through all their challenges and victories.
I chose to work for the CSS because I love the opportunity that it gives me to be involved with the students and staff on this campus. I want to form influential connections with others, serve, and support them in any way that I can.
I really enjoy helping students improve in areas that have been holding them back from reaching their goals.
I love the opportunity to help students reach their full potential in their classes and to see their confidence grow.
I am excited to continue working for the CSS because I enjoy being a resource for students just like someone was for me.
I have loved watching students grow throughout the semester as I mentor them. It’s so encouraging to compare how they were at the beginning of the semester to how far they’ve come by the end!
I want to mentor those who are adapting to college life and provide an academic hand to those who need it!
I joined the CSS because I want to expand my skills as a teacher.
I am thrilled to mentor and encourage fellow students in becoming the best learners they can be!
I love teaching history and I am excited to help students best understand history in any way that they can!
I love getting to meet new people through the CSS. I am excited to help students feel more confident in their academics and campus lives!
I want to meet people where they are to come alongside them as they journey to realize their fullest potential, learn new things, and grow in self-confidence!
I love to do life with people and cannot wait to support you in your success!
My aim as a tutor is to empower students to achieve their dreams, to encourage them to reach their potential, and give them opportunities and strategies to succeed!