Choose a service to schedule

Private Training

In Person Initial Consultation - Arkansas - $150
This is the first step to private training for your dog. This is an in-person session in Arkansas. This session is scheduled at your home or my home office - your choice. Session includes drive time of 30 minutes. Sessions that require more than 30 minutes of drive time from Bella Vista, AR will incur additional trip charges. I am happy to meet you half way at a local park to minimize drive time for all parties.
Remote - Initial Consultation - $150
This is the first step to private training. This is an online remote session via Zoom
Follow Up Training Session - $100
You must be a current student to select a follow up session. NEW clients need to schedule an initial consultation.
Remote Learning Follow Up - $100
Don't live in Arkansas? That's ok! I can still help you with your dog. Most cases are easily handled remotely. Schedule remote learning for a zoom session.
Phone Consultation - 30 minutes - $50
Don't need a full session? Just a quick call to ask a few questions? Want to discuss breed selection before bringing home a new dog? This is for you.

Beginner Classes

Distracted Dog Class - $300
Distracted Dog

Intermediate Classes

Adolescent Arousal - $215
Adolescent Arousal
Rockin' Recall & Solid Stay - $190
Rockin' Recall & Solid Stay
Walk in the Park 1 - $175
Walk in the Park 1
Walk in the Park 2 - $175
Walk in the Park 2
Tricks 1 - $175
Tricks 1
Rally for Fun - $175
Rally for Fun
Rally for Fun 2 - $125
Rally for Fun
Open Rally for Fun - $100
Open Rally - For those students who are ready to dust off the cobwebs and run a course. Open to students who have completed Rally 2.
Grad School - $175
Grad School

Coaching Sessions

Group Coaching Session - $10
If you are local to me and would like to get some hands on coaching time you can attend a group coaching session. This is a one hour time block that you share with other online students at my training location. You can use this time to practice anything you like in a controlled distracting environment.

You must TEACH your dog the training exercises at home BEFORE you attend the coaching session. The coaching session is used to INCREASE the challenge of the exercise for your dog. If you are having PROBLEMS teaching the exercise reach out to me via Marco Polo so I can SEE what you are doing and coach you prior to the group coaching session.