Naturally Bladed

Naturally Bladed

Thank you for your interest in booking with Naturally Bladed. Booking fee of $50 is required in order to secure your appointment (Venmo to @Karina-Heredia). This will go towards your procedure and is nonrefundable.

Permanent makeup is NOT recommended for clients with the following conditions:
-Pregnant or nursing
-Botox or derma fillers on or around the enhancement area within the last 3 weeks
-Take Accutane in the past year & your skin has not regulated
-Autoimmune Disorders (must have doctor consent form)
-Chemotherapy in the past year
-Contagious diseases & viral infections
-Epileptic/prone to seizures
-Within 3 weeks of chemical peel, must be fully healed prior to appointment
-Active sunburn or frostbite
-Current use of products with ingredients such as Alpha or beta hydroxy acids (Retin-A products) Must discontinue use at least 14 days before appointment
-Use of blood thinners or blood pressure medications
-History of keloids
-Allergies to metals (iron, nickel)

If you have previous work please send me a picture of your eyebrows via DM or Email

Choose a service to schedule

Microblading - $450
Microblading consists of hair-like strokes that mimic the natural hairs in your eyebrows. Ideal for normal to dry skin types.
Blade and Shade - $500
Blade and Shade is a combination of Microblading and shading. Ideal for most skin types.
Ombré Powder Brow - $450
Ombré powder brow is more of a makeup look and the tail of the brow is darker than the head. Ideal for all skin types.
Touch Up - $100
You can only book a touch up if you are a past client and got your initial session done by me. If you have previous work done by another artist, it's not considered a touch up and you must book as if it were your initial session, but not before sending me a picture to make sure you are still a candidate.
Nano Brows - $250
Hair-like strokes made with a machine, very natural and feathery look. Recommended for people with oily or sensitive skin.
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