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Topographical Training Only Package (Barking) (£49.99) - £10
Full On-line Topographical Training before you sit your TfL Topographical Exam. Please note, if you choose this Package you pay for the TfL Topographical Exam separately. This is an On-line Training Package only. If you want to benefit from a £20 discount why not take our combined Topographical Training & TfL Exam Package for £100. (If booked separately you would end up paying £120).
Topographical Training + TfL Test (Barking) (£100) - £10
On-line Topographical Training + Test Appointment. Please note, you will not be taking your TfL Topographical Exam on this day. You'll get 3 hours On-line Topographical Training on this appointment day and then we'll also advise you how to book the actual TfL Exam at our Centre in Barking, East London (The Vehicle Site). Choosing this package means you will save £20. Otherwise, you will end up paying £120 if you book separately.
Topographical Training - One to One (Barking) (£75) - £75
On-line One to One Topographical Training before you sit your TfL Topographical Exam. This is an On-line Training Package only. Please note, we advise all clients to choose topics which they would like to cover before attending the session.
Topographical Training - Route Planning Only (Barking) - £40
A unique training session aimed at route planning only. Here you will specifically practice your route planning skills. You will not be doing any other questions apart from route planning. The aim of this course is to prepare you to achieve the highest possible score in your real exam with TfL. Please note, before booking this course, ensure you have previously sat a normal Topographical training session.
Topographical Trial Test (Barking) (Not the actual TfL Exam) - £24.99
For £24.99 you can sit an On-line Topographical Trial Test before the real TfL exam. We independently offer on-line Topographical Trial testing services. Get a real feel before taking the actual exam. No talking or speaking, just come in and do your On-line Topographical Trial Test under real exam conditions in a professional environment. Detailed results & feedback issued within 5 working days.
B1 English - 1 Day - Training & Exam (Barking) (£250) - £100
Training + Exam on the same day. You pay the balance of £150 on the day of your appointment. Professional English Language Trainer. We'll get the job done in £250, no hidden costs!