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Permanent Brows, Facials, and Waxing
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Permanent brows $275+
Waxing $25+
Spa Facials $70+

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Permanent Brow Services

FREE Consultation - $0
Your brow consultation includes a one-on-one session with me, where will go over the best technique and style for your brows and pick your complimentary brow shade.
Permanent Brow Consultation w/ Waxing (optional/recommended) - $35
Your brow consultation includes a one-on-one session with me! I will go over the best technique and style for your brows and pick your complimentary brow shade. This service includes a free brow wax to shape and fill in your brows to give you a sneak peek into your full brow potential.
Ombre Powder Brows $325 ($50 deposit) - $50
Ombre Powder is a method that creates a powder-filled brow with no harsh front or outline. This shadowing technique lasts longer and can be buildable from light to dark. The final healed result is a filled brow similar to the look of makeup.
(3 hour appointment time)
Microblading $275 ($50 deposit) - $50
Microblading is a 3D hair-like technique using a nano-blade for realistic hair strokes using microfine needles. This method is only suitable for those with dry to normal skin types and those with fluffy and full brow hairs.
(2 hour appointment time)
Combination Brow $325 ($50 deposit) - $50
Combination Brow aka "Microshading" is Ombre Powder shading with added hair strokes in the front. This is often a great choice for those with thinner eyebrow hair looking for a fluffier defined statement brow.
(3 hour appointment time)
4 week Follow-up - $0
Complimentary 4-week follow-up appointment to finalize your brows!
(Please reach out and consult with me if you require a 4 week follow up)
(2 hour appointment time)
Permanent Brow Removal - $175
Brow removal on both fresh and old brows, this appointment requires a consultation so please email or call to learn more about the removal processes.
(2 hour appointment time)
Annual Color Boost (Returning customers) - $165
Annual color boost (typically 12-18 months) This is for previous clients who are ready for their annual color boost to refresh their brow color.

Spa Facials

Valentine's Facial *Limited Time* - $75
Pamper yourself this Valentine's Day season with an indulgent strawberry and chocolate facial!

Provided is Girl power vibes and a chocolate treat with every facial.

‍♀️Custom double cleanse

Fresh sugar micro exfoliant to polish and brighten

Chocolate mousse mask to calm and hydrate skin

Complimentary hydration lip mask plus much more!
Hydro Jelly Mask Facial - $80
Super Greens Strength Hydrojelly facial is Rich in micronutrients, flavonoids, and phytonutrients. This mask helps to increase energy, restore PH balance, and help synthesize proteins. It also manages dry skin by balancing oil and water distribution and reduces the appearance of dark circles and sagging. Super Greens masks support firming and tightening, and protect the skin from environmental stressors while phytonutrients and flavonoids help prevent visible signs of aging.

1-hour facial time
Anti aging Facial - $75
This treatment is built to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and brighten while developing collagen to leave skin firm and plump. Specially tailored to meet the anti-aging needs of mature clients.
(1 hour appointment time)
Detox Facial - $70
This treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliating of dead skin cells, deep pore cleansing with steam with extraction, face massage with serum, moisturizer, SPF.
A classic spa facial customized to your skincare needs.
(1 hour appointment time)
Chemical Peel Facial - $120
This Facial treatment aims to treat fine wrinkles, discolored skin, and scars, as well as make the skin's surface look smooth. This facial is powerful and effective with minimal downtime. A series of peels may be recommended to achieve their desired results depending on the severity of skin concerns.

-Reduce the appearance of age spots, sun spots
-Improve skin texture and leave it fresh and glowing
-Reduce the appearance of melasma
-Helpful in treating acne and improving the appearance of acne scars
-Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
-Skin appears smooth, fresh, and more youthful

IMPORTANT: To prepare for your chemical peel, some general instructions include:

-Avoid tanning and sunburns for two weeks before each treatment.

-Don’t use any products containing retinoids (such as tretinoin) 48 hours before treatment.

-Skin must be free of any open sores, lesions, or skin infections.

-Expect the treated skin to begin to lightly peel like a sunburn about two to three days after and the peeling process to continue for about one week.
Microdermabrasion - $90
This restorative facial renews the overall skin tone and texture. This minimally abrasive treatment brings a restorative exfoliating process to the skin with a multivitamin skin treatment that seals in hydration for your skin! Exfoliating treatment can last for about one month at a time and it is recommended to do a series of microdermabrasion treatments for 90 days for best results.
Acne Facial - $75
CORRECTIVE, HEALING, CLARIFYING is my approach to acne!
A deep cleansing facial treatment that will treat blemishes and work to correct congested areas. This full facial includes extractions and an acne cleansing mask that works to eliminate the bacteria that cause blemishes while detoxing the skin.
Classic Spa Facial - $70
Cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, extractions, mask, facial massage, moisturizer This is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing and refreshing facial.

(1 hour appointment time)

Waxing Services

Full Face Wax - $40
The full-face treatment! Waxing of the full face: Brows, lip, chin, cheeks.
Gentle wax for sensitive skin will leave you feeling soft without irritation.
This full service includes (includes wax, shaping, brow fill-in, and highlight )
Brow Wax - $25
Full brow wax includes brow mapping, wax, shaping, brow fill-in, and highlight.
Brow + lip wax - $30
Same great brow shaping and wax service but add in a smooth lip wax!
Brow tint + wax - $36
Wake up to the look of makeup! Wax + Tint is a great way to bring your brow to life.
A hint of a tint enhances your brows in the most natural way and frames the face.
Eyelash tint - $24
The beauty and ease of eyelash tinting when a semi-permanent dye is applied to your lashes. This application is best suited for people with light-colored eyelashes or very fine lashes, but anyone can enhance their natural beauty with some darker tint. If you want to make your eyes look especially glam, you could combine lash services with an eyebrow tint!
Under arm wax - $25
Who doesn't love a smooth underarm?! Quick, painless, and straightforward.
Hair must be 1/4 an inch to wax, longer-lasting than shaving, and NO RAZOR BUMPS!
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