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Microcurrent Spa Treatment

Microcurrent Consultation and Complementary Treatment: The Lunchtime Facelift "The Fountain of Youth" - $0
The Lunchtime Facelift. No surgery. No needles. Scientifically proven to heal the skin from the inside out. Tones muscles, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Proven to increase you body's natural production of collagen by14%, elastin by 48% and blood circulation by 38%. Research has shown these benefits in the first 21 days. Research has also found that the microcurrent facelift technique increases the body's natural production of amino acids and ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate), both of which play a major role in cell health and function to accelerate cell repair. For first time microcurrent clients, a complementary consultation, plus one microcurrent session for qualified candidates, Before and after pictures taken.
Microcurrent for current clients - "The Indigo Mermaid"
This booking is for existing Microcurrent clients to schedule another fabulous microcurrent treatment.

Spa Facials

Custom Spa Facial: "The Turquoise Mermaid" - $60
A relaxing spa facial customized for your skin type, using professional grade products. Includes: a double cleanse, steam, gentle exfoliation treatment, relaxing facial massage, customized mask, warm towels, serum and nourishing moisturizer.
Custom Elite Spa Facial: "The Aqua Mermaid" - $85
The Aqua Mermaid Facial is a customized elite spa facial for every skin type, using professional grade products and modality services that your skin can benefit from. Modality options include: ultrasonic deep pore cleasing and ultrasonic nourishing serum infusion, rotary cleansing brush, pore vacuum and high frequency. Also includes double cleanse, steam, enzyme exfoliation, skin analysis, extractions, custom mask, warm towels, serum infusion, then relaxing facial massage and nourishing moisturizer.
European Custom Spa Facial: "The Blue Mermaid" - $95
A customized Euro Facial with everything the Turquoise Mermaid Facial includes and more: enjoy a facial, décolleté, shoulder, arm and neck massage as well.
Diamond Microdermabrasion including Spa Facial: "The Sand Castle" - $100
A specialized exfoliation modality Spa Facial for Ladies AND Gentlemen. "The Turquoise Mermaid" facial (for ladies) or "The Black Pearl" (for men) PLUS a Diamond Microdermabrasion exfoliating treatment.
Men's Facial: A relaxing, refreshing manly Facial "The Black Pearl" - $60
A cleansing, relaxing and refreshing facial for Men. Customized to skin type and needs. Includes professional-grade, anti-aging products for skin rejuvenation and hydration. Expect a refreshing facial with a facial massaging double cleanse, steam, enzyme exfoliation or customized product scrub, minimal extractions, hydrating mask, and hot towels and light moisturizer.
The Orange Mermaid Facial - $78
The Orange Mermaid Facial is a skin brightening, vitamin rich and exfoliating Pumpkin Facial.

Body Wraps/Body Scrubs

"The Nautilis Shell": Body Wrap of Heated Aloe Vera and Herbal Tea. (A Thermotherapy Body Wrap) - $120
Lounge comfortably and listen to spa music or your favorite music, for 45 minutes while cozy and wrapped. This popular spa treatment is an Aloe Vera based, herb tea solution, skin smoothing body wrap. - Uses cotton linen wraps heated to hot and steamy, not applied tightly. Consider enjoying a facial while all wrapped up. (No shower required after this treatment). This nourishing body treatment is absorbed reflecting ultra-soft skin immediately. Come hydrated and drink extra water within 24 hours afterwards. Repeat wraps can be scheduled every 4-5 days for full benefit. Old swim suit or old cotton undies/bra (that you don't mind getting an herb solution on) are requested to be worn during wrap. Remember to bring fresh ones to re-dress after wrap. (If you are a new client and haven't seen the new location, the OceanLove Day Spa suite is private suite with a private bath which makes all treatments comfortably private for any person's modesty comfort level.)