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General Pest Control - $199
Liquid sprays (repellent and non-repellent)
Baiting gels
Insecticidal dusts
Non-toxic traps

Internal treatment:
Internal floors and floor corners
Apply a baiting cockroach gel to kitchen and bathroom cupboards
Insecticidal dusts ( under fridge, behind dishwasher, all warm areas in laundry )

External Treatment:
External walls, wall corners and floor corner
Around doors and windows
Under gutters and eaves
Perimeter of the house
Weep holes
Ants Infestation Treatment - $199
Ant treatment focuses on issues with alternative chemical source for the ants to track chemicals back to the nests.
This treatment also includes safe external treatment for any external ant issues.
For a broad spectrum residual spray treatment, internal and external is the best for your property which is providing protection against ants, spiders and cockroaches.
Mosquito Treatment - $199

Cockroach Treatment - $189
This treatment, focusses on cockroaches. We use liquid spray, baiting cockroach gel and insecticidal dust.

Internal treatment cover: floor corners ( liquid spray ), baiting cockroach gel in the kitchen cupboards ( under sink storage, pantry cupboard ) bathrooms and laundry.
External treatment cover: entry points, weep holes, around the windows and other crevices we find.
Safe treatment for children and pets.
Flea Infestation Treatment - $179
Fleas are small, very specialised parasitic insects. Adult fleas are bloodsuckers, the majority feeding on dogs, cats, pigs and some feeding on birds. Fleas prefer warm, humid conditions and hence are often a pest during summer. High humidity favours the development of larvae, which may be populous both indoors and outdoors.Comfortis oral tablet for cat and dogs is recommend to use within 24hrs before or after our treatment.
Safe treatment for Children & Pets
Rodent Treatment - $169
Effective and safe baiting system for rats and mice.
These animals are well adapted to living in very close association with humans, sharing their food and shelter. Rats and mice are competent climbers and can scale rough walls, pipework, trees and vines.
Spider Treatment and Prevention - $169
Pest / Flea Treatment and Prevention - $120
End of Lease Flea Treatment - Internal - $99
This will be an internal floor spray to carpeted areas and timber/concrete flooring areas if applicable. If your pet has been outside, you may be required to get external sprayed also. Please make sure this treatment is done after bond clean.
End of Lease Flea Treatment - Internal & External - $120
Internal and external end of lease flea treatment, please make sure your bond clean is done prior treatment
Silverfish Treatment and Prevention - $149
Mould Car Service - $40
Commercial Pest Control - $99
We will help you stay compliant with the health and safety regulations whilst keeping your customers happy. We provide all types of Commercial Pest Control to businesses on the Gold Coast.
-Child Care, Kindergarten, and Schools.
-Commercial Kitchens and Food Prep Areas
-Strata Title and Property Management.
-Retail Outlets.
-Storage Facilities.
-Lifestyle or Apartment Complexes
-Real Estate/Rental Agent properties and many other businesses.

Mould Services

Car Mould Service - $40
Mould Services 1-2 Bedroom Unit/Apartment - $350
Mould Services 3 Bedroom House/Apartment - $480
Mould Services 4 Bedroom House/Apartment - $540
Mould Services 5 Bedroom House/Apartment - $590
Mould Services 6 Bedroom House/Apartment - $890

Termite Control

Termite Inspection - $280 (call for appointment)