These swim adventures are organised, private sea swims in Lyme Bay and Torbay.  On the swim adventure we ensure your safety and peace of mind by being visible aboard a hard craft or RIB. 

With a little planning you could follow a nutrition plan with timed stops as long as you let the boat driver know (or Pete know) in advance. We make sure you arrive back to the start safely to add back your warm clothes and have a nice drink before heading off.  We utilise the boat as a taxi to allow us to start and finish in different places. As these adventures are not competitive it is also possible to climb aboard at any point for a rest or to get through a tough bit of tide.

We provide all swimmers with a tow float (or you can bring your own). We also require you to agree to stay with your safety vessel.

You can share your swim adventure with one other swimmer free of charge providing you agree to swim together, at the same pace. Should you want to share, please add the email contact below for the declaration of health, medical conditions and emergency contact forms to be sent through to. You can also request a larger group of three or more but there is a charge of £50 per person (for the third person and additional). With three or more swimmers we will provide additional safety staff, allowing the group to keep an more individual pace.

You can suggest a particular swim route. This could be using one of our twelve swim adventure routes or one of your own. Pete will contact you with an itinerary. However, on occasion, another suggestion on routes or times may be necessary due to the weather and tide that day.

The beauty of these adventure swims is they enable swimmers to explore those far off, hidden places and cover long distances safely.  These adventures are ideal for people training for marathon swims and channel crossings as well as those who simply love adventure swims.  Its a good way to get a long training session as well as an exciting way to have an adventure and to explore places.


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