TRAINING PLAN MEMBER - 60 Minute Consultation on Zoom - £50
These meetings are the first step on the training plan pathway. It is an opportunity to chat with Pete and build a professional relationship. These meetings are used for:

- an initial consultation to get started
- an interim consultation to discus goals or adjustments
- following a meeting you and Pete both will carry out the discussed tasks

It is important to feel confident in Pete as your coach. Likewise, he must feel comfortable designing a training plan for you. Anyone can book a consultation however, Training Plan members receive a reduced price booking and coached athletes can book for free. If you are a Training Plan Member or Coached athlete go back through the website to book.

The first consultation create a basic annual training plan which will set out how the actual training plan should look. Once the training plan is underway (be it online coaching with weekly uploads or just the training plan) you could use these consultations to be coached and agree the best next steps.

This is a face to face meeting on Zoom. You could, if easier, ask for a consultation over the phone.

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