AROUND THE ORE STONE (strong currents) - £69
Please self declare you are not or have not had any COVID-19 symptoms on booking and maintain a safe distance during the session. You can be assured that steps have been taken to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19 whilst we are still able to support you in the water should you need it in an emergency. We provide all swimmers with a tow float (or you can bring your own) and ask that you are never close enough for your tow floats to touch.

AROUND THE ORE STONE is our newest swim adventure. A goal for any open water swimmer who happens to look out, beyond Hopes Nose, to the Ore Stone Rock.

We meet at 9am at Meadfoot beach by the cafe and dive centre. The swim starts and finishes here where there are toilets and refreshments on sale. The nearest car park is the other end of the beach, roughly 10 minutes walk.

We will provide a short safety briefing and route plan before getting in the water and embarking on this epic swim. There will be a small amount of space on board the boats for essentials such as flip flops and warm tops and drinks which will be stowed away.

The heading is the Ore stone, which is the second of two big rocks. The first rock we leave to our right to take the current through the passage of water knowen as the Gut.
We circumnavigate the Ore Stone anti clockwise then pick up heading on the first rock, Thatcher Rock. On our second pass of Thatcher rock we go seaward and leave it to our right, now picking up a heading on shag rock or the headland behind it.

The last right turn at shag rock leaves us 200m to swim back to shore. This will total around 7km but swimmers should be ready and prepared to swim 10km as the speed through water, at times, is limited due to the wild seas and fast currents.

After arriving back at the beach, all swimmers will be offered a warm drink. Often swimmers meet up after getting changed, for a coffee at the cafe.


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