Bell Rock and Watcombe Caves - £69
Please self declare you are not or have not had any COVID-19 symptoms on booking and maintain a safe distance during the session. You can be assured that steps have been taken to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19 whilst we are still able to support you in the water should you need it in an emergency. We provide all swimmers with a tow float (or you can bring your own) and ask that you are never close enough for your tow floats to touch.

The BELL ROCK SWIM ADVENTURE is a coastal swim with two great caves to swim through/ into and a time trial (speed not important). On this swim you have a good chance of seals and under water creatures like lobsters and crabs.

The route begins at Maidencombe beach (a pay and display carpark is at the top of the cliffs. There is a five-minute walk down the steps to the beach). You will meet the team on the beach where we will stow on the boat’s your energy drinks. Before getting in we will provide a short safety briefing and route plan.

The swim heads out to a 5 knot marker off the beach. From here it is possible to see Bell Rock, the first heading. We head around the rocky outcrops, staying close to the shore, before stopping at Bell Rock (named for its shape) to begin the next section.

From this point you will be able to see an orange marker (we have put out earlier) in the distance. This is roughly 750m away. When every one is ready you swim as fast as you can to the orange marker.

You will find swimmers congregating at different times. Rather than wait around, there is Watcombe cave right by the orange marker buoy, where everyone can meet.

The return swim to bell rock is a cruise. You will be guided into a through cave (Watcombe Head Cave) which is a wonderful experience.

Once past the Bell rock again there is just a 500m swim to the yellow five knot marker and Maidencombe beach.

We will stop for a drink at Maindencombe before saying good bye.

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