Due to the unforeseen circumstances we ask you to please get changed, before and after, away from the beach. This is to reduce infection risk from loitering as groups arrive and leave. Please also meet on the beach by the PeteWilbyTriathlOn and Swimathon flags at the start of the session. When you book, declare you and your junior has not had any COVID-19 symptoms. Please also be prepared to maintain a safe (1m+) distance from staff and other participants during the session and whilst you watch from the beach. Steps have been taken to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19 whilst we are still able to provide emergency support in the water.

The level 2 open water swimming award is for 8 to 16 year old's who have complete learn to swim stage 8 or level 1 open water.

Due to the pandemic the course is only five weeks long (half hour sessions), split to dry side theory and sea swimming practical.

On the staff team are qualified lifeguards and swim coaches who are both experienced at working with young people as well as coaching in open water.

The level two course is designed for young people who already can swim well and are comfortable getting in the sea. On completion of the course, participants will be confident to use open water swimming as a competitive sport (albeit maybe not yet competing).

Below is the syllabus we follow for certification - however, due to the short amount of time we will not have time to cover all the areas and will not provide certificates this year:

1. Describe how to feed an energy gel while swimming in open water.
2. Give five examples of safety considerations you would expect to find at an open water swimming venue.
3. Give five examples of personal equipment needed for open water swimming.

1. Perform a mass start in the water.
2. Perform a mass dive from the side of the pool.
3. Swim 50 metres front crawl while sighting regularly to a point designated by the teacher or coach.
4. Swim 50 metres front crawl including a turn around a buoy clockwise and anticlockwise.
5. Swim a 4×50 metres front crawl set in a pack formation demonstrating: line drafting, arrowhead drafting, close proximity swimming and overtaking.
6. Effectively use a feeding station without breaking the swimming rhythm.
7. Demonstrate an action for getting help in open water.


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