Due to the unforeseen circumstances we ask you to please get changed, before and after, away from the beach. This is to reduce infection risk from loitering as groups arrive and leave. Please also meet on the beach by the PeteWilbyTriathlOn and Swimathon flags 5 minutes before the start of the session. When you book, declare you are not with, or have not had any COVID-19 symptoms. Please also be prepared to maintain a safe (1m+) distance from staff and other participants during the session. Steps have been taken to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19 whilst we are still able to provide emergency support to you in the water should you need it.

These open water swimming (OWS) sessions are every Saturday morning from 11th July through to October.
The sessions are at 08:30-09:30 for experienced (those who are used to swimming properly in the sea).

Each session focuses on a skill and covers all the important core skills for OWS.  A 200m course is set out in the sea to base the session around and all the sessions are lifeguarded and structured professionally.

The training cycle will prepare swimmers to take part in open water events..

You can also book 30 minute small group or 121 lesson in the sea for £20 (to share with up to 2 others) or for long distance OW swimmers, have trained staff by your side for an Adventure Swim.

Our open water swimming sessions are good for all swimming abilities:

- experienced triathletes
- marathon swimmers
- Channel swimmers

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