Anstys Cove to Ness Cove - £69
Please self declare you are not or have not had any COVID-19 symptoms on booking and maintain a safe distance during the session. You can be assured that steps have been taken to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19 whilst we are still able to support you in the water should you need it in an emergency. We provide all swimmers with a tow float (or you can bring your own) and ask that you are never close enough for your tow floats to touch.

This SWIM ADVENTURE long and steady. You need to be mentally and physically prepared to endure 8km of off shore rolling waves. Out of all of the adventure swims, this swim has a good chance of seeing dolphins. It really is a journey.

The swim route begins at Ansty's cove but we meet at car park by the Café Ode above Ness Cove, where the swim finishes, and take a taxi to the start.

There are toilets at Ness and Ansty's Cove. We head off towards the furthest pinnacle then edge left for the 7km straight deep water swim across Lyme Bay, towards Teignmouth.

Swimmers are out in the abyss on this swim. Literally miles from anywhere. The sea can be flat or rolling and often changes mood through the swim.

After completing this long endurance swim everyone will be offered a warm drink. Sometimes swimmers like to get changed and go to the café Ode to chat through their individual experiences.

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