Prime Meridian Physiotherapy

Prime Meridian Physiotherapy

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Hurrah!! I am now making appointments available for in office visits. Please see below for screening questions. VIrtual/Telehealth sessions are also available using the secure Zoom Health platform through the website Embodia. I have opened the calendar for Wed - Friday afternoons with a few other additions. I will expand my hours as needed, and as we feel more comfortable with the precautions we have put in place. Thanks for your patience as we navigate this and please feel free to call or email me with further questions. I look forward to seeing you soon.

If you have any problems booking online, please do not hesitate to call at 393 2610. Please note, appointments that are open in the next 24 hours will not show on the calendar, eg late cancellations. You can leave a message if you would like an appointment on short notice and I will call you only if I have something available.

Choose a service to schedule

Physiotherapy Appointment- in office - $110
Screening questions for in person appointments includes have you been outside of the Yukon in the last 14 days, have you been in contact with someone from outside the Yukon in the last 14 days and do you have any of the common symptoms of Covid or feeling of illness? If the answer is no to all these questions, please feel free to book. These questions will be asked again at the beginning of your appointment.
Somatic Experiencing Discovery Appointment - $55
For people interested in exploring the Somatic Experiencing approach for trauma in an online format and how it might be helpful in your recovery. Available for first appointments only.
Online/Virtual Physiotherapy Appointment - $110
includes assessment, exercises as needed with access to an online home exercise programme and ongoing Somatic Experiencing appointments.
Directions 2A 403 Lowe St, Whitehorse, Yukon
867 393 2610