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Prime Meridian Physiotherapy

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Dear Clients; Sadly I will not be seeing clients in my office in the near future. Please check the calendar Friday am for a zoom yoga class. Please preregister by email and online (as i try to figure this out!). Please contact me by email if you are interested in Somatic Experiencing or other physio consultation by telehealth. If you did not get my newsletter and wish to or any other questions/concerns, please contact me at I have the calendar blocked off until May 15 for now but please do not schedule any in office appointments until we know it is all clear.

(If you have any problems booking online, please do not hesitate to call at 393 2610. Please note, appointments that are open in the next 24 hours will not show on the calendar, eg late cancellations. You can leave a message if you would like an appointment on short notice and I will call you only if I have something available. )

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Physiotherapy Appointment- One Hour - $110

Yoga Classes

Kindfulness Yoga
this is an online interactive (and experimental!) yoga class, with emphasis on settling the nervous system and feeling into the body. it may include various aspects of yoga including the Divine Light Invocation, mantra as well as asanas (postures) and self awakening yoga. i will offer options for people with a variety of restrictions especially with regard to upper extremity restrictions.
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