Juanita is an owner of Puptown Girls and a Certified Groomer. Juanita has combined her true passion for dogs and her artistic eye to drive her to be an exceptional groomer. She has mastered the patience in dealing with nervous or difficult dogs with a soothing energy to bring calmness to the overall grooming experience for your pup. She takes pride in what she does and makes sure that she fully understands what every client expects from their pup's grooming experience. She will always work with dog owners to advise them on how to care for their pup's coat after their grooming service to ensure that they get the maximum benefit from the experience.
Chloe- Certified Groomer Chloe has one dog of her own and he’s a shepherd mix named Duke. He is her grooming assistant who likes to lay under her table while she grooms dogs. She is an animal lover and Has grown up with all kinds of different animals such as Horses, dogs, cats, pigs, bunnies, and cows. She used to be in 4H and has worked with miniature horses bunnies and even with dogs and was in a competition with her dog at the time. Dogs have always been her true passion. She one day hopes to run her own business of rescuing dogs and finding there future homes. Grooming has become a love of hers to take the time of getting to know each dog and putting her artistic hands to work. She takes pride in her work and makes sure to fully meet what the customer wants and needs out of their puppies groom. She along with Juanita will work with the dog owners and advise them on how to take care of their dogs for coat after their grooming service to ensure they get the max benefit of their experience.
Steven is a certified professional dog groomer. He is passionate about making dogs look their best and keeping them comfortable and happy during their grooming.
Cassia loves grooming pups! She has been trained by Puptown owner (and her mother) Juanita. Cassia loves making the pups look their very best, but she also wants to ensure your pup always feels safe and comfortable during these services.
Kristy is a small dog expert! She has groomed show dogs for many years- grooming Pomeranian's and Yorkie's in preparation for competition.
Kristy is a small dog specialist! She has groomed dogs for Dog Shows for many years and she specially preps Pomeranian's and Yorkie's for shows.