Jenna Matlin

Clairvoyance, tarot, and divination are truly tools to converse with the Divine. These conversations unlock your own inner knowing, helps you see blind spots, make smart choices, decide what works (and what doesn't), and also make predictions based on current trends.

Booking a session means you are ready to talk, and the Universe is always listening.

Choose a service to schedule

Office Sessions

Office Session in Durham, NC. - $110
One hour sessions are currently available for those in the RTP area. A one hour session typically covers anywhere from 1-5 topics while utilzing a variety of interventions such as Clairvoyance, tarot, Lenormand, Astrology, Numerology, and light energy work as needed and discussed at the beginning of the session.

Distance Readings

Distance- Urgent Care-Book Me Now - $160 (call for appointment)
Need a same day booking?
Email me directly at: OR text me at 215-729-3969 with the label "emergency reading" so I can give you priority.
60 Minutes
Please indicate whether you prefer a phone appointment or a video appointment via Zoom when you book the appointment.
Intuitive Session + 2 Follow Ups - $230
This includes a one hour session booked now, plus 2-30 minute sessions that you can use anytime within 3 months of the initial session.

First, we use tarot to diagnose the issue and advise on a course of action. Then we follow through on that advice and check in with two short yet sweet re-calibration sessions within a defined period of time.

Perfect for those undergoing lifestyle and relationship changes.

Fine Print:
The full price must be paid at the time of the initial session. Both follow up sessions need to be connected in scope with the initial session. These sessions are not transferable and the sessions use will expire outside of 3 months.
Distance- Intuitive Session - $110
After a brief intake, sessions may include intuitive guidance, tarot, lenormand, or any other variety of intervention depending on client, need, and issue.
60 Minutes
Please indicate whether you prefer a phone appointment or a video appointment via Zoom (no app download required) when you book the appointment.
Distance- Quick Look - $60
Back by Popular Demand!

1 30 minute session for that quick look, one more thing, or one area of your life. A 30 minute session can reveal one or two questions about your life without the depth of a one hour session.

Please indicate whether you prefer a phone appointment or a video appointment via Zoom when you book the appointment.
Distance-Pet Reading - $55
Want to know what is going on with your fur (scale, feather) baby? What do they think of you? Are they happy with how things are in the house? Could you be caring for them better?

Live, Online Classes

You Are Tarot - $120
By the end of this class you will:

• Know how to use and create comprehensive 3 card spreads
• Understand basic meanings to get you up and running in reading, rather than
overwhelmed with information
• Be relaxed by building a trustworthy and dynamic relationship with your deck
• Connect with other tarotists, building a community of like-minded soul searchers
• Weave your logical mind with your intuitive mind to become a powerhouse
• Intuit your own personal lexicon, overlaying that with traditional tarot meanings
• Call yourself a tarot reader out loud and proud!
Lenormand Intensive - $100
Curious about Lenormand? Want to add an additional, unique divination system to tarot that is easy to pick up, incredibly accurate, and lots of fun? Lenormand is for you!
This is a live, online class via Zoom.
Tarot Caravan - $185
Tarot Caravan is an immersive 8 week experiential journey that is open to all levels of tarot.

Wish to build a deeper relationship with tarot
Desire to work with tarot on a spiritual level
Yearn to build an intuitive relationship to tarot
Want to dismantle any unease or fear or uncertainty when working with tarot​​
Tarot Royalty - $80
This is a targeted class for those of you who struggle with understanding how to best read court cards-this is not a class for absolute beginners.
Surefire Spreads - $100
No more second-guessing yourself!

Learn my method that toggles between intuitive hits and tarot fluency to create layers of meaning and interconnection.
In this class, we will cover 3 spreads over 4 weeks in a live online course. I will walk you through each spread and show you, step by step, how I read.

If you have ever wondered, “How did Jenna see that in the cards?!”

This class will show you exactly how I do it.
One to One Tarot Lessons - $260
4 Hours of Tarot Instruction bought as a package to help you deepen your tarot practice in an intimate setting, at your pace and when you want to schedule them. Full amount is due at the start of the first package and redeem the other three as needed or as we agree.

Business Coaching

20 Min. Free Intro Session
Free, 20 minute session to see if we are a fit for one another in terms of coaching and the type of coaching you need.
Business Coaching - $660
Pay all at once, or we can create a subscription service to meet your needs, 6 total hours dedicated to building your business- your way and in the way you need.
Bio writing Session - $50
Your About page is the most important page on your website and your bio is the most important copy on that page. Avoid what I call the 'bio template' and create something meaningful, authentic and engaging.

What we will do is have 2 30 minute sessions to help you get this important part of your business JUST right.

Sessions will be done remotely either by phone, Google Hangouts, or Zoom. Please indicate your preferred platform when making the appointment.
SEO Support - $100
SEO Support for those of you who have your website complete, but still struggle with getting to first page on Google. Let me help you get there. One session dedicated to formatting your website to get eyes on your page!

In Person Sessions

November In Person Sessions - $110
I am seeing people in person for a short time. I will not be conducting in person sessions until next April. Each session is one hour in length. Please book before they are all gone!

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