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Therapies with Samantha Jane (Payment at your appointment)

Clinical Reflexology (1hr) - £40
Unique alternative therapy using Ancient Chinese Reflexology. Promotes well-being, restores balance and harmony, reducing stress & feelings of anxiety and depression whilst having positive healing benefits to ailments. Traditional reflexology is done on the feet but hand or facial reflexology is also available if you prefer this. Reflexes are stimulated to encourage inner healing to maintain homeostasis from deep relaxation. Very effective for sleep, pain, circulation, nervous system, skeletal issues and boosting immunity.

Child Reflexology £20 - 40mins
Reflexology Therapy Bundle for maintenance - Buy 5 get 1 free. Available
Signature Holistic Acupressure Massage (1hr) - £45
My unique and Eastern inspired Signature Body Massage is a delightful blend of Acupressure tension release movements, which applies deep and firm pressure to key tension hot spots to help release built up tension, along with Swedish and Aromatherapy techniques and movements. I use my own organic and blended Aromatherapy oils for additional benefits to your skin and relaxation, leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated.

This is a full body treatment with specific targeted areas for tension release personalised for your needs. This therapy stimulates and boosts the cardiovascular system, encouraging a return of blood, oxygen and nutrients to fatigued/tense muscles. The lymphatic system is invigorated, supporting the release of toxins and the nervous system is energised, releasing endorphins for an immediate and improved sense of wellbeing, mood, and mental energy leaving you deeply relaxed. At your appointment, we can discuss your needs and tailor targeted areas to suit you.
Traditional Indian Head Massage (45mins) - £30
A wonderfully relaxing treatment to release tension and stress to your head, face, neck and shoulders. Enjoy deep relaxation and improved circulation and joint mobility. It can aid relief in many tension related issues including headaches, sinus congestion, upper body tension/pain, anxiety, insomnia, eye strain, sinusitis, mental fatigue and improve your overall feeling of wellbeing. Add hot/cold stone facial therapy to this treatment, 15mins extra, add £10 onto the advertised price.

Glencarse £30 - 45mins or £40 - 60mins
Please say which duration you would prefer at booking.
Thermo Auricular Therapy (Hopi Candling) & Indian Head Massage (1hr) - £40
Thermal Auricular Therapy, are candle cones made of organic cotton, soaked in beeswax, honey, camomile and sage. The candle acts as a chimney vacuum which gently stimulates the ear, encouraging removal of excess wax, mucous build up and impurities. This therapy is deeply relaxing and also incorporates the traditional Eastern head and facial massage, before and after the candling using acupressure and lymphatic drainage techniques. This therapy supports the relief from many ear, sinus and head ailments, such as headaches, sinus congestion issues and temple tension/pain or pressure. It leaves you feeling rebalanced, relaxed, balanced and breathing and thinking more clearly and easily, improving your overall sense of wellbeing. The subtle warmth and crackling sound heard is like holding a seashell to your ear, promising a meditative experience. This therapy ends with a wonderful 15 minute Indian Head Massage for a completely relaxing experience, benefiting tension and stress release.
(Please note: Until we're given the all clear and permission to work directly on the face under Covid-19 guidelines, this treatment will exclude the usual facial massage, however, more time will be spent working other areas of upper body tension for you).
Any 1 Hour Therapy (For Carers Only) - £25
Accepting PKVAS Carer vouchers for your needs. Please state in the comment box which treatment you would like at booking.

Treatment Selections:
Clinical Reflexology ONLY
Body Massage (Currently not on offer due to Covid-19)
Indian Head Massage (Currently not on offer due to Covid-19)
Hopi Candling (Currently not on offer due to Covid-19)

*Hot Stones are not available under this offer at this time.

Bespoke Treatment Packages (Requires Payment at Booking)

Reflexology and Indian Head Massage Combo (1.5hrs) - £50
Enjoy a wonderful combination of both Reflexology and Indian Head Massage. Both of these powerful treatments alone help balance our bodies to their natural state of equilibrium, but together, this combination is divine as well as holistically healing.
Benefits: Improved sleep, circulation, immunity, tension release, mood, stress and anxiety, pain relief and wellbeing.
Holistic Full Works (2hrs) - £70
Enjoy a wonderful combination of my Signature Acupressure Body Massage concentrating on the back, tension areas, back of legs and calves, followed by a traditional Indian Head Massage, which incorporates the shoulders, neck, head and face, finally ending with reflexology to rebalance you and send you into a completely deep and relaxed state. Three exquisite and powerful treatments leaving you feeling refreshed, revived and rejuvenated.
Benefits: Improved sleep, circulation, immunity, tension release, mood, stress and anxiety, pain relief and wellbeing.

For those who wish for specific treatment preferences, please request in the comment box during booking, what you would like during your 2 hour treatment so it's personalised to your needs.

90 Day Transformative Signature Programme

Coaching Clarity Call - £0
90 Day Transformational Signature Programme - 30 min Clarity Call

I Coach families, couples & singles with my bespoke transformative 90 Day Signature Online Programme. I only work 1 to 1 as your course is tailored to your current needs. I teach you the tools and skills to use Reflexology and Complementary Physical Therapies safely as a connective and bonding tool with yourself and others as well as unlock, transform and instil new behavioural mindset habits & routines.

This is for you if you're truly ready to dig deep and make the changes you want.

During our call, we will establish what's not working for you just now, discover where that's potentially coming from and the goals or changes you desire to feel. If I feel my programme would suit your situation, I will invite you to join me. If not and I feel you would benefit from alternative support, I will do my best to direct you to that.

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