Coaching Sessions

Single Coaching Session (50 mins) - 79 €
Not sure if coaching is right for you? Try it out! I'll ask questions, listen intently, and help you get clear on exactly what you want and how I can help you achieve it. In a single session with me, you'll gain more insight than you imagine. A life you love is within your reach!


Clarity Package (Three 50-min sessions) - 210 €
Ready to leap into the next fabulous stage of your life? Not quite sure what you want or how to begin? This package is for you! In 3 sessions, we'll get you crystal clear on exactly the changes you want to make, and you'll walk away with concrete steps to achieve your dreams. You'll be amazed at what can be accomplished with a dedicated professional coach on your side.

Note that you'll only select your first of 3 appointments now. We'll book your second and third appointments together.
Empowerment Package (Five 50-min sessions) - 350 €
Ready to realize the enormous benefits of working with a coach as dedicated to your reaching your goals as you are? With this 5-session package of coaching sessions, you'll be empowered to reach your first aims and keep setting and achieving more.

Note that you'll schedule your first appointment now, and together we will schedule your remaining 4 sessions during the course of our working together.

**All 5 sessions in the Empowerment Package must be used within an 8-week period, or remaining sessions will be forfeited.
Vibrant Life Package (Ten 50-min sessions) - 700 €
The ultimate method for achieving the life, body, and relationship you want is a dedicated coaching relationship. In just 10 sessions, you'll gain more personal knowledge and achieve more of what you want than at any other time in your life.

In each of your sessions, you'll realize the enormous benefits that come when two people are committed to helping you reach your dreams. With this package of 10 coaching sessions, a vibrant life is within your reach!

Please note you will book your first session online now, and we will schedule each of your remaining 9 sessions together during the course of our work together.

**All 10 sessions in the Vibrant Life Package must be used within a 14 consecutive-week period. Any sessions not completed in that time frame will be forfeited.

Hauber Method™ Back-pain Management

Hauber Method™ Introductory Session (30 mins) - 49 €
Ready to finally get rid of that nagging back pain? Had enough of expensive "fixes" that don't work at all? Tired of not being able to do the things you love without hurting? The Hauber Method™ is for you. Read more at HauberMethod.com. Or simply book your 30-minute one-on-one introductory session today!
Online Hauber Method™ Class - 15 €
Not yet ready to book your own individual training sessions with Sara, or simply don't have the money right now? Then try an online class instead! It won't be tailored directly to your specific needs, but it will be a wonderful experience! Take a minute to hear how students feel after a Hauber Method™ class and then reserve your spot today. Space is limited!