Savoir Faire Salon
Please text if you are having hard time finding the location; I have no/little phone service inside the building and don't receive calls.
*There is a 24 hour in advance cancellation policy; I am unlikely to fill your spot on such short notice. At times this can have a huge impact on my income, being a one woman show. If it is an emergency I wave the cancellation fee, but in non emergency situations I charge 50% of the total service.

Choose a service to schedule

Combination Services

Color Re-Touch and a Haircut $125-$197
All Over Color and Haircut $140-$227
Gloss and Haircut $108-$136
Gloss and Blow Dry $90-$120
Blow Dry and Flat Iron $60-$100
Blow Dry and Curling Iron $60-$100
Face Frame Balayage and Haircut $145-$241
Partial Balayage and Haircut $155-$268
Full Balayage and Haircut $200-$293
Face Frame Foil and Haircut $140-$216
Partial Foil and Haircut $160-$236
Full Foil and Haircut $185-$266
Color, Partial Foil and Haircut $230-$337
Haircut and Style Lesson $95-$162
Color and a Partial Foil $175-$241

Hair Cutting and Styling

Haircut $55-$96
A custom cut designed for your bone structure, lifestyle and maintenance needs.
Blow Dry $40-$80
This is a shampoo and blow dry style. Flat iron or curling iron are additional time and price.
Style Lesson $40-$65
This is a half an hour of time spent teaching you the things you would love to know about styling your own hair. Be it blow drying technique, updo's or curls. Bring inspiration or specifics you'd like to try in mind.
Dry Tune-up $40-$69
This is a dry haircut with no shampoo. Meant for maintaining the look of your cut between routine service.
Bang Trim - $0
A complimentary 5 minute touch up to keep you looking fresh in between your haircut. This includes the fringe and minor framing work around the face.
Neck Trim - $0
A complimentary 5 minute service to keep you looking fresh in between services. This is a swift cleanup of the hairline and around the ears.
Consultation - $0
Have questions? Ideas? Come see me and we can collaborate to create something that suits you.
Dry Iron Styling - $20
This is an add on service for those with hair that requires an extremely smooth and straight look that uses a flat iron, or for those that want to leave with their hair curled with an iron.
*This is an add on service only.
Special Event Up-Do - $110
An up-style, wet set, dry set, or curl set. This includes most special occasion hair.
*Price starts at $85; please inquire for an accurate quote. This does not include a shampoo and requires you to come in with dirty hair.

Color and Highlights

Color Re-Touch $70-$101
All Over Hair Color $85-$131
We'll design an individualized color based on your style, personality, eye color, skin tone, and the look you wish to achieve. We use an organic color system that doesn't include ppd, sulfates, ammonia, resorcina, para phenylenediamine or parabens.
*This is a base price determined by grams used. Additional formultions or extra grams will be additional charges.
Face Frame Balayage $90-$145
This is a hand painted highlighting technique that mimics natural highlights created by the sun. A face frame balayage includes the front hairline and bang/fringe section.
Partial Balayage $100-$179
This is a hand painted highlighting technique designed to mimic natural highlights from the sun. A partial balayage includes highlights around the front hairline, through the parietal ridge, on the top of the head, and along crown.
Full Balayage $145-$197
This is a hand painted technique that mimics natural highlights created by the sun. A full balayage will include the entire head and hairline.
*This is a base price and includes a gloss; inquire for more accurate quote.
Face Frame Foil $85-$120
This is a traditional technique to create dimension in the hair. This service includes the front hairline and the bang/fringe area.
Partial Foil $105-$140
A custom way to add dimension to the hair. This can include highlights, lowlights or a combination of both.
*This service pricing is set for one color. There are additional costs for extra color or a gloss.
Full Foil $135-$170
A traditional method to add color and dimension to your hair.
*This service includes the entire head and hairline with one color. Additional colors or customizing may be more. Please inquire for an accurate quote.
Brow Tint - $26
Define your brows and compliment your complexion and color. This includes some minimal brow tweezing.
Consulation - $0
Have questions or ideas? Let's chat about it.
Corrective Color - $100 (call for appointment)
Have an accident? With the broad range of things that can go wrong with color, this service requires a consultation or a phone call. During the consultation we can determine a game plan, as well as give you a more accurate quote.
*This is the base price and time needed to fix a very simple correction.
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