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Scottsdale Hypnosis Services

2 Hour Hypnosis, NLP, and/or Life Coach Services - $360
2 Hour Hypnosis Session $400 now 10% OFF for 10th Year Anniversary.
Includes NLP and Hypnotherapy.
Smoking Cessation Package (2 2-Hour Sessions) + $200 FREE Audio Program - $715
Smoking Cessation is $715 for the $795 package which is 10% OFF
Scottsdale Hypnosis has a 95% or. better quit rate.
NOTE: Save More! Bring a spouse, family member or quit buddy with and they ride for 50% off. $358 --or if you split it's only $536/each.
That saves you $259 from the normal price!

Includes 2 2-hour sessions 1 week after your first session.

Also includes audio recordings of the sessions + 10 other audios to get smokers thinking different about smoking.

Your second appointment will be 9:00 am 1 week later. Please confirm with your hypnotist that this appointment time is available for you.
6 Hour Hypnotherapy Package (3 2-Hour Sessions) - $1,080
6 Hour Hypnotherapy Package is $1080 from $1200 package. Save $120 for our 10th Anniversary special!

Your 3 2-hour Hypnotherapy Package is3 - 2 hour sessions. And includes Overdrinking, medication withdrawal, anxiety/stress, weight loss, fears, phobias, and numerous other issues.

Schedule your first session online. Your hypnotist will call or text to schedule your second session.

If there is any question about the time you have scheduled your appointment, we will contact you for any conflict in the scheduling system.

Hypnotist Training

Executive NGH Hypnotist Training & Certification - $1,975
Executive NGH Hypnotist Training & Certification - SAVE $220 - $2195 now $1975.00 for the 10th Anniversary Special.

Scottsdale Hypnosis Institute
Executive Hypnotist Training & Certification
Save $220 or 10% OFF on Executive Hypnotist Training
until August 31, 2024

Designed for Executives & Small Groups
Flexible scheduling.

Some reading, online, and home practice, laced with Live individual sessions & practice in the office.

Hypnotist Lab with Community Volunteers
Practice scheduled on your time.

Executive Sessions are starting this month.
Call 602.614.4471 to reserve your space.