Personal Reading - Master Wisdom Keeper (manex) - 750 €
Get an expert personal reading of your Archetypal Blueprint by the founder of the Sphinx Code, Manex Ibar. Gain full insight into your subconscious architecture and learn to awaken your myth and activate your magic. Go deep into your relationship and career, and beyond into your Soul mission and life purpose.
Relationship Reading - Master Wisdom Keeper (manex) - 1.850 €
Get a masterful reading of your relationship, understanding the influence of the relationship on each individual as well as the deeper subconscious influences that are being triggered and awakened, so that through love you can move forward and create deeper intimacy.
Personal Reading - Original Wisdom Keeper - 350 €
Get an expert reading of your Archetypal Blueprint by an original wisdom keeper and receive in depth advice about how to express your highest potential. Awaken your myth and active your magic by harmonizing to your key archetype and transcend your wounds as you move towards your soul mission and life purpose.
Relationship Reading - Original Wisdom Keeper - 650 €
Get your relationship reading from an original wisdom keeper and learn the archetypal structure and influence of your relationship has on each of you. Gain understanding of what the relationship is beckoning from each of you and how to grow through hardship.
Personal Readings - Apprentice Wisdom Keeper - 250 €
Get your Archetypal Blueprint reading from an apprentice wisdom keeper and discover yourself in an entirely new perception, learning about your wounds, and accessing your higher expression through your optimization key.
Secondary Reading - Apprenticeship Wisdom Keeper - 200 €
Gain more insight into your Archetypal Blueprint.
Personal Transit Reading - 500 €
Learn not only about your Archetypal Blueprint but also your transits and cycles, showing you up to a year of different events that can happen to you.