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Initial Consultation
Back Taxes
IRS/State Problem Notices, Unfiled Tax returns, Penalties abatements, Installment agreements, and Offer in compromise.
Bookkeeping Services
Small business daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual Bookkeeping:
Reconcile your accounts, categorize your transactions, and produce your financial statements ready for taxes.
Incorporation or New Business formation
New business formation, entity structure determination, EIN application, payroll account numbers, small business elections, etc
Tax Planning
Tax Projections, estimated taxes, saving strategies..
Tax Extensions
Business and Individual Extensions
Tax Preparations - Individual Income Tax
Family taxes, Sole Proprietorships, investors taxes, Day Traders, etc
Tax Preparations - Business Taxes
Business Taxes - Partnership Tax Returns, S-Corporations, & C-Corporations
Tax Preparations - Estate Taxes
Tax Preparations - Non Profit
S-Election services
S-election for small business corporation
Payroll Services
Small business payroll services
Sales and Use Tax
Need help to resolve Sales and Use Taxes, received notices or would like to learn about how we can help you set up account.
Other State Taxes and Licenses
Property Taxes, Listed Property, Motor Fuels tax, Alcoholic Beverage tax, ABC license etc