The Law Office of John V. Coy

The Law Office of John V. Coy

120 Minute OFFICE CONSULT for Pro Se Clients (representing yourself) - $240
Get the Attorney help you need, even if you can't afford full-service representation. Attorney advice, and coaching can be invaluable help for preparing your own court documents, finding reliable online resources, understanding how to make and respond to the most common objections, and even just moving your case along when it seems bogged down. (Flat rate for this consult is due at beginning of consult, and is non-refundable)

Gather your documents make a list of your questions to be sure to use time as efficiently as possible. You choose whether to have the appointment with Attorney in-person or by phone. If by phone, you will need to email documents to attorney immediately prior to the phone appointment. Attorney does not take on responsibility for handling your case. Service does not include follow-up. If you have follow-up questions, you must schedule and pay for another appointment. Attorney will provide as much help as he can, specific to your needs, during the scheduled time.

Attorney also provides flat rate "unbundled" services, if you decide you want attorney to prepare certain documents for you, or make a single appearance in court. You will need to schedule at least one document reivew and advice consultation for Attorney to access the need, and anticipated time, which depends on the complexity of the issue(s) of the case, and then quote you a flat rate for such one-off "unbundled" Attorney services.

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