Dr. Bernardo Valero discovered his love for science and medicine during his time as an undergraduate at Florida International University, in Miami, FL. At that time he was involved in a community that was surrounded with mindfulness and health, such as yoga club, meditation meetings, and healthy eating potluck groups. It was within that community that he first discovered Naturopathic Medicine as an option, which aligned with his desire to help improve the health of his community. Following his undergraduate experience, he gained experience in orthopedic rehabilitation, working at a physical therapy clinic for three years. He began his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, and today Dr. Bernardo Valero is a licensed Naturopathic primary care physician, and is specializing in alternative methods for pain management and mental health. Dr. Valero connects with his patients to understand where they are, as he helps to offer clarity to their circumstances. He wants to make sure that every patient feels listened to. His background in exercise therapy and yoga therapy are a key to his approach with his patients. He teaches them the tools and remedies that they can use on a regular basis to stay pain free, happy, and healthy. Dr. Valero is dedicated to creating lasting results and leaving his patients with an empowered feeling, and on their way to vitality. Dr. Valero’s professional interests are in researching and applying latest natural treatments for acute and chronic pain management. He plans to incorporate therapies such as PRP, dextrose prolotherapy, and peri-neural injection therapies, as regenerative treatments to eliminate pain. Dr. Valero is also a Reiki Master teacher, and uses Reiki meditation as a tool for helping his patients discover their own self-healing potential.
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Naturopathic Medical Assistant (NMA).