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50 minutes (First Session) - $200
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Peronal Activation Reduction Technique (PART)
I am going to share a technique PART (Personal Activation Reduction Technique).
I will describe how to do it, why I think it is helpful (what we think is happening in the brain that makes it work), then demo it with a few volunteers, then have the whole group do the technique at the same time individually, then check in with questions and answers.

The technique is a modification of The Flash Technique. In a nutshell, The Flash Technique, a cutting edge anti-trauma technique involves bi-lateral stimulation (left / right), embodying oneself in a preferred internal resource, identifying which anxiety you want to clear or reduce, metaphorically putting it in a flash drive, then blinking your eyes as a way of almost thinking about the flashdrive.

What I am adding to it is also breathing in a certain way while having a mantra that affirms one of your raw spots. So, it is like the Flash Technique while using additional self soothing techniques.

I think it is super useful at transforming anxiety.
Sign up for the class and you will get an automatic email with the zoom link as well as where on my website is more information about this technique.

Couples Activation Reduction Technique
I modified the Flash Technique, which is a pre-EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) protocol created by Phil Manfield, Ph.D., in a way that allows couples (or friends or family members) to use their bond and loving contact to help lower one another’s activation to triggers. I’ve decided to name the technique the Couples Activation Reduction Technique (CART). This exercise is super effective and safe to do at home, and you don’t have to be a therapist to do it.

There is a protocol that after you know how to do it, you can easily follow. It involves bilateral stimulation (left / right), verbal, and non-verbal nurturance, the use of our imagination, and blinking our eyes as a way of acknowledging that a threat exists (without thinking about it) all at the same time. The protocol creates a context that rewires existing triggers in the brain to be in preferred parts that are competent and grounded.

The class will be taped so others can potentially benefit from watching it if they are not able to join.

This will be my second time teaching it on zoom. My plan is to do several demos and then describe how and why it works and answer any questions.

This group, while focused on couples could be helpful for anybody who might want to know the technique. If you are a therapist or life coach, it could be a great tool to help your clients with. And if you are an individual, the same principles apply for doing it on yourself.

It is a free class. And donations are always welcome. Venmo: @toddharveymft
Paypal (friends mode):

Upgrade Couples Connection (2 techniques will be taught)
There are two protocols that I use with couples in couples counseling that I find super-helpful. They are things that if you made the time to do them, your bond would be enhanced. My goal is to quickly explain the protocols, then have couples do them in real time (and I'll coach them to make sure they don't get derailed). Then we can go into private zoom rooms and you can practice it with your partner and I can float between rooms to assist if necessary.

One of them is a word-game that I call: EMOTIONAL POPCORN
In it there is a protocol for taking turns mirroring emotional state the other person is in, checking in and naming your own emotional state, re-mirroring your partner's emotional state, and verbally and non-verbally affirming your commitment to the bond, "and I'm here." You do this without going into a normal dialogue that would provide context for 'why you are feeling what you are feeling'. After doing this about 7 or 8 times, the emotional climate usually significantly shifts in a significant positive direction.

The second protocol I'll share is called "Holding Time"
We will use some of the same micro-skills that get sharpened in the Emotional Popcorn game. But instead of going back and forth, one person holds their partner's head in their lap and provides eye contact and soothing touch on their head while mirroring the emotional content without getting into a dialogue regarding the content their partner brings up. I firmly believe that if this technique were practiced daily that our attachment wounds would be healed (without therapy).

Anybody is welcome to this class. I would like to definitely have some couples that are willing to be coached on how to do it.

It will be taped as a way of providing a teaching tool to other therapists and sharing it with people who can't make the class time.

It is free / and donations from $1 to $50 are welcome.
My venmo contact is: @toddharveymft
My paypal (in friends mode) is: