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Free Consultation
This is our chance to meet in person or on the phone, You tell me what is happening in your health and what you are seeking. Consider this research as I will share what Structural Integration, or CranioSacral therapy or Foundation Training is all about! You can determine if you want to move forward.
60 min Cranio Sacral treatment - $95
Consider here is where we drop in and listen to the nervous system. In this modality of CranioSacral therapy is where the magic happens!
Remote Session - $55 (call for appointment)
In a remote treatment, we are working in the quantum field. This is a magical experience because alignment/healing is not restricted by time or space. As you drop in and relax the thinking mind quiets and you go into a theta state. This is when your biodynamic nervous system takes over and you do some impressive healing work.
Structural Integration (aka rolfing method) - $170
This is the original method of Structural Integration as taught by Dr. Ida P. Rolf! Here we get deep into the fascial body where old issues, patterns or injuries as been stored. It is a process of alignment as bodywork to organize the body on your midline, establish the natural symphony of your inherent wellness so healing can move through.

Foundation Training

Posture Strong & Pain Free Private Training - $75
Here is where we really get the body in true alignment! We can do this at my studio or over zoom. This is workout! By understanding how to properly move you get out of pain very quickly and gain perfect posture. This is The Bomb!
Posture Strong/Pain free + CranioSacral Medicine - $165
This work is a fascinating experience of a self discovery and healing where you feel empowered and fresh and new in your body. You learn that you are the physical therapist, the doctor and the healer of your own body.
Presence Studio Posture Strong [Group Class] Wednesday 5pm - $15 per person
Location: Presence Studio
1412 Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham, WA, USA

This class is like nothing you have ever done. This class get you in your perfect posture and you feel strong, connected and alive after just one class. You will understand what true posture is and how to have effortless and free posture and eliminate your pain.