Choose a service to schedule


Consultation (30 minutes) - $0
Our free consultation lets you meet with our personal trainer/coach to discuss your needs and goals to see if TFE is right for you.

Training Sessions

Personal Training (1 hour) - $98
One-on-one training sessions with expert TFE staff. Let us help you achieve your fitness goals using the most efficient techniques possible. If you are recovering from injury, are out of shape, or just looking to boost your fitness level, this is the starting point.
Personal Training (30 minutes) - $68
These high-intensity training sessions are designed to give you maximum results in minimum time. A great way to get in more workouts during the week, with increased results.
Multi-Sport Coaching (Run or Triathlon)
Looking to improve your running, race your first triathlon, or even get on the podium? TFE multisport coaching can help. Contact us directly to determine how we can help. Price and location are determined by client and TFE Staff.
Group Training
Group training is a great way to get in shape with your friends. Grab a roommate, a friend, a signifiant other, and get ready to work! Contact directly for the rate per size of the group.

One-Time Services

Run Gait (or swim stroke) Analysis - $180
Need a running or swimming tune up? Receive a running gait or swim stroke analysis to evaluate your running or swimming mechanics. Learn drills, technique, and strength work specifically tailored to help you improve efficiency and reduce the risk of injury. Contact us directly to start the process of improving performance in these two technical disciplines. Swim stroke is 60-90 min ($120), Run gait is 90-120 min ($180)

TFE Tri Training Camp and Retreat

TFE Tri Training Camp and Retreat Deposit - $200
This deposit reserves your place at our TFE Tri Training Camp and Retreat in St. Michaels Md on May 20-22. Please contact Coach Alan directly to finalized details.