Twan The Barber

Twan The Barber

***Please wear a mask when you come****

Come get blessed by the best, giving A1 services in a very comfortable environment. Here at The Big Picture Barbershop we make sure we allow our clients to leave photo shoot fresh. All services will be offered for your barber needs, in a timely fashion and to your specifications. If you have any questions, please contact me, my number is at the bottom of the page.

*I am also am accepting cash app and paypal payments as well.*

**Any appts I book will come with a charge of $10**

**A no call/no show appt will result in the full charge of the service**

**Kids services are below**

Choose a service to schedule


Lining (around the head) - $10
Shave - $15
Anything below the ear
Lining and shave - $15
Lining around the head and a shave
Line and taper - $15
Line and taper w/ shave - $20
Line, taper and shave
Line and taper w/ king tut - $40
Bald head - $20
Razor or clippers
Bald w/shave - $25
Basic cut (all even) - $15
Basic cut w/shave - $20
Basic cut w/ King Tut - $40
An all even cut with a shave and a king tut facial
Taper cut - $20
Haircut and taper
Taper cut w/shave - $25
Taper cut w/ King Tut - $45
Bald Fade - $20
Bald fade w/shave - $25
Bald fade w/ King Tut - $45
Hightop/Drop Fade - $25
Hightop w/shave - $30
High top w/ King Tut - $50
Afro - $25
Afro w/shave - $30
Afro w/ King Tut - $50
Mohawk - $25
Mohawk w/shave - $30
Eyebrow arching - $7
King Tut - $20
Presenting the King Tut facial mask!!! With this service you will receive a shave, a facial cleaning with a hot towel treatment, followed by a gold mask to help replenish and revitalize your skin!
Hot Towel - $10
What a nice accompanying to have with a haircut! A nice hot towel facial, meant to open up your pores and clear up your face. Add today!

Kids (12 and under)

Lining - $5
Line and taper - $10
Basic (all even) - $10
Basic cut w/design - $15
Taper cut - $15
Taper cut w/design - $20
Bald fade - $15
Bald fade w/design - $20
Hightop - $15
Mohawk - $15
Drop fade - $15
Afro - $20
Directions 6236 West Silver Spring Drive, Milwaukee, WI, USA