Pole Fitness All Levels - $80
4 week course.
*Sign up for the first day of the course and you will automatically be enrolled for the following weeks. Full course is $80 which includes the 4 75 minute classes.
*There are no refunds or credits given for missed classes.
You get one FREE open studio (Sundays 1:30-3:00pm) per course.

Pole Fitness is for those who want to sweat and get pole strong! In this course, students will be doing conditioning exercises that will help build strength, mainly in the core and upper body. This course will be helpful for those who are wanting to progress in other pole classes and for those who are just looking to increase body awareness and focus on fitness. Classes will consist of exercises on and off the pole. ​
Wear comfortable workout attire. This can include yoga pants or shorts, tank tops, T-shirts, sport bras--whatever you feel comfortable in! We will use the inside of your knee and calf for some spins, so if you wear pants make sure they are loose enough to pull above the knee! We teach barefoot, so no shoes are required. Please do not put on any body lotions or oils on at least 6 hours prior to classes.

Pole Fitness Courses are for ALL LEVELS. No pre-requisites. The instructor will divide the classes appropriately and teach individuals at the levels they are at as everyone moves through the conditioning exercises.

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