Professional Pole (Previously Tricksters) - $80
4 week course.
*Sign up for the first day of the course and you will automatically be enrolled for the following weeks. Full course is $80 which includes the 4 75 minute classes.
*There are no refunds or credits given for missed classes.
You get one FREE open studio (Sundays 1:30-3:00pm) per course.

Professional Pole Course is designed to help you take your basic pole knowledge to the next level. Pick up new spins and tricks, as well as try both spin and static pole along the way. Professional pole is for those who want to learn advanced aerial tricks and combinations, more difficult flow, as well as advanced floorwork. Students will have the opportunity to learn specific tricks and eventually work towards combining the tricks into longer floor to aerial combinations. Instructors will provide a fun and safe environment for students to learn and try these movements; modifications or advancements can be developed if needed.

Please wear shorts and a comfortable workout top and bring water and a towel if you like. We do have Dry Hands available for sale if needed.

In tricksters classes you will need certain areas of the body to be exposed so that the pole can be in contact with your skin for grip. Wear short shorts or pole shorts, and either wear a sports bra or make sure you're able to pull up your tank or t-shirt to expose the sides of your stomach.

To move on to Professional Pole student should be observed as able to execute:
Spins with 3 or less points of contact
All Pre-Pro Tricks: Wrist sit,Cross Knee release,Vertical Crucifix,Invert to Inverted Crucifix,Invert to Superman down, and Jasmine with hand release
Recommended minimum of 2-3 sessions in Pre-Pro

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