Well Life ABQ and Infusion Clinic ABQ

Well Life ABQ and Infusion Clinic ABQ

Well Life ABQ is Family Practice focused on optimizing health through better access and increased appointment times.

Infusion Clinic ABQ provides nutritional infusions and injections. We also specialize in NAD+ and ketamine infusions for mental health.

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New Infusion Check In
This is a review of a new infusion patient's medical history, medications list, allergies, and vitals, to ensure they are a good candidate for IV or infusion therapy.
QTC Physical (call for appointment)

Labs-Blood Draws-Testing

COVID Rapid (call for appointment)
Strep Testing (call for appointment)


Blood Sugar Buster
Our premium version of alpha lipoic acid called Poly MVA, increases insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar. It has also bee shown to improve diabetic neuropathy…that awful burning in the feet that is caused by the nerve damage caused by high blood sugar
Migraine Relief
We have several treatment options available to resolve your migraine. We start with the safest and least invasive, called a sphenopalantine ganglion block. We also have other treatments available to help ensure that you get rapid pain relief. This service requires a H&P by our Certified Nurse Practitioner.


Migraines - Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block
(SPG) Sphenopalantine Ganglion Block – The “SPG” is a bundle of nerve fibers often blamed as a source of migraines. This bundle is accessible deep inside our nose. We use a specialty device designed to precisely administer lidocaine to these nerves BLOCKING the migraine almost instantly.

We have several treatment options available to resolve your migraine.
We recommend a Toradol Injection to start unless you have a contraindication or know that they are ineffective.
If Toradol isn't for you, we recommend either a sphenopalantine ganglion (SPG) block or a High-Dose Magnesium Infusion with Hydration.

Ketamine Infusions

4 Hour Ketamine Infusion
First time patients must schedule a Pre-Ketamine Workup prior to their first infusion. Please remember to 1. Not eat 6 hours prior to your infusion 2. Not drink 2 hours prior to your infusion 3. Have a driver to take you home

If you routinely take an opiate or benzodiazepine, please call the office for guidance.


Bladder Ozone Insufflation - $140
Bladder Ozone is the application of Medical Ozone into the urethra and bladder.
Bladder Cocktail - $130
Bladder cocktails are mixtures of medicines put directly into the bladder to help painful bladder symptoms including frequency, urgency, burning pain or stinging sensations when passing urine

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