(W)Holistic Approach to Living-Medical Massage Cincinnati

(W)Holistic Approach to Living-Medical Massage Cincinnati


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Full initial 1st session with assesments. - $115
For first time clients looking for therapeutic treatments for relief of chronic pain, post injury and post surgical issues.
ART, Neuromuscular therapy, Muscle Energy - $105
Active Release technique is one of the most effective therapies in bodywork. Focusing on specific muscle dysfunctions, we use ART as our catalyst to break up scar tissue and adhesions then rely on complimentary modalities to ease trigger points in surrounding area.
30min Active Release with 1 hr Deep tissue - $145
This combines the best therapies. 30 mins of Active release where we focus on specific muscle dysfunction and neuromuscular points to reduce pain, adhesions and increase performance and range of motion.
Deep Tissue - Neuromuscular therapy - $105
Deep tissue is a medium to deep touch, that effectively flushes toxins and ease muscular tensions. Once painful knots and areas of constriction are noted Neuromuscular therapy is applied to ease areas of hyper-constriction.
Caring for the Athlete - $105
If you are an athlete in training you need a bit more that just a massage to get you back on the field or in the game. After an evaluation & assessment I'ill utilize the modalities that are best for you unique situation. ART is one of the best approaches for athletes or anyone with overuse injuries but there are also supportive approaches I'ill take with you. I partner with you to get you back to where you need to be,
Corporate Events - $200 (call for appointment)
Give your employees building blocks for health and wellness with 15-30 min evaluations and first line treatments. Call for more information


30 Day Kick off to your healthy lifestyle - $150
30 Days to Transition is a whole food based plan for those who have no idea how to get to the healthy, supportive way of nourishing their bodies. After our initial consultation, and a plan lays out our 30 day approach. Adding a grocery field-trip, pantry purge, cooking demo, a 6 day meal plan that we will build off for the next 24 days, & an over all map to eating Whole Food - Plant Based, for additional charge will build your lifestyle from this day forward. We will have weekly check-ins to keep you motivated and supported. 
This plan is a 30 day commitment.
30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond - $305
These supportive products help busy people find ways to eat plant based and healthy. With plant based protein, clean supplemental products, and meal plans that help you cleanse, detox and get clean this 30 day kit and personal coaching is all you need to kick start your healthy eating plan.
Nutritional consultation - $95
Together we will look over your goals and challenges, then find ways to support you on your path to living fully! I will work with you to find what works for your lifestyle and give you resources for getting strong and healthy in all facets of life.
6 Month Meal Plans (call for appointment)
We build off the 30 Day transition. I continue to support and coach you along the way with custom meal plans and/or product.
Nutritional coaching - $100
This is a stand alone session. Looking to get clear, gain some insight or just refresh after our initial 30 Days. This can be done via Skype, Facetime or phone.
Corporate Events - $200 (call for appointment)
Lunch and learn or host an evening of nutritional education. Learn the reason why we call the standard American diet the SAD diet, and how making some small and large changes can change your life for the best! Call for all the information
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