Massage Therapy - includes Relaxation, Therapeutic, Pre/Post-natal, Cupping and Indie Head Massage

30 min Massage Therapy
45 min Massage Therapy
60 min Massage Therapy
our most popular option.
75 min Massage Therapy
90 min Massage Therapy
120 min Massage Therapy
15 min Massage Therapy (infant massage)

Manual Lymph Drainage - MLD is a very gentle, technique that improves the activity of the lymphatic system via mild skin stretch. MLD is incredibly relaxing and helps relieve swelling due to lymphedema, surgery or injury.

45 min MLD
60 min MLD
75 min MLD
90 min MLD
ADP Authorization Assessment/Forms
please bring your forms with you to your appointment.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy -A hot stone massage is a very relaxing treatment will allow you will float away and reconnect to your inner calm.

60 min Hot Stone Massage
75 min Hot Stone Massage
90 min Hot Stone Massage
45 min Hot Stone Massage