Well Life ABQ and Infusion Clinic ABQ

Well Life ABQ and Infusion Clinic ABQ

Oxidative Stress Panel
This blood and urine test is used to assess the equilibrium between oxidative damage and antioxidant reserve. Oxidative stress results when the delicate oxidant/antioxidant equilibrium is disrupted in favor of the oxidant (free radical) state. It is necessary to measure the reserve capacity that provides protection “antioxidants”. Our panel measures your antioxidant reserves and evaluates the damage that free radical production has already caused.

Evidence is accumulating that oxidative stress is involved in many pathological processes, including Rheumatoid arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Macular degeneration, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’sand Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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