Well Life ABQ and Infusion Clinic ABQ

Well Life ABQ and Infusion Clinic ABQ

Semaglutide Initial Work Up
We HIGHLY recommend our FREE consult prior to scheduling a workup. The consult prequalifies you and avoids you being charged for the work up. You also get a chance to ask questions!
Click this link to schedule a FREE Semaglutide Consult. https://www.schedulista.com/schedule/welllifeabq/gszft-5skhq

Initial workup: $169 plus tax
Includes medical history review, exam including vital signs and BMI, retinal screening, and labs

This injection is self-administered at home, making it a convenient and accessible option for those looking to lose weight.

Please click this link to complete the forms required for your appointment: https://na1.foxitesign.foxit.com/onlineforms/fillOnlineForm?encformnumber=SlW%2FuvmYGtiUfCuhwTRYNA%3D%3D&type=link

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