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COVID-19 Antibody Testing $35 - $80.91
Prices varies depending on whether you have insurance.

Please Note:
We require that you wear a mask to your appointment.

If you are using your insurance you must bring your insurance card with you.

At this time, we are only measuring the Spike Protein IgG Antibody. This antibody measures an antibody that will appear if you HAD the disease or HAD the vaccination.

Serum IgG is often present within 1 to 2 weeks from symptom onset or vaccine completion and plateaus around 3 weeks.

No COVID test has been approved by the FDA due to the rush of getting it on the market, so we have to say this disclaimer that the test has not been FDA approved, but the lab has notified the FDA that these tests have been validated.
We also must say that the CDC is currently advising AGAINST post-vaccination antibody testing. It is well-established with other vaccines that some people are "non-responders". This means they don't form measurable antibodies. In these cases, the level of immunity is unknown. The CDC currently doesn't have any guidelines for post-vaccine non-responders and thus is advising against antibody testing.

If you have questions about which test we are using, you can get more information here...https://bostonheartdiagnostics.com/news/covid-19-antibody-testing-at-boston-heart-diagnostics/

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