Meet Schedulista


Schedulista provides a beautifully crafted scheduling service that lets clients book appointments right from your website, Facebook page, email message, or text.

Our customers include talented artists, coaches, and therapists; respected businesses like Amazon and Microsoft; and venerated institutions like the YMCA and the University of California.

Schedulista was started in 2011 by two friends in a garage. Today, Schedulista has helped thousands of businesses and millions of their clients simplify their lives and spend more time doing what they love.

Whether you're trying to create the perfect curl or trying to organize the world's biggest software conference, we're here to help you follow your passion.

Our Philosophy

We think of ourselves as a different type of software startup. A normal company in a world of “Shark Tank” and “Silicon Valley”.

We don't have a winner takes all mindset. We believe in a marketplace that will support many competitors. (We call them choices.)

We reject the notion that the world is a rat race and that we work just to survive. We believe our work is a sacred expression of who we are. Through our work we find independence, artistic expression, and connection with our community.

Every day we aspire to build something beautiful that helps improve people's lives and to help our customers do the same.

We have grown our business steadily, organically, almost entirely through positive word-of-mouth. We have a DIY ethic and are entirely self-funded.

To Our Customers

Thanks for supporting us. Thanks for being awesome. Drop us a line anytime at hello@schedulista.com


Felix Livni The Schedulista Team

We are located in the Rainier Oven Building in Seattle's International District.

Phone: (800) 419-1672
Email: info@schedulista.com

1419 S Jackson Street, Suite 111
Seattle, WA 98144

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