Online Scheduling for Salons

Every salon is unique, however all great salons have one thing in common: they offer a great experience to their clients.

A clients experience starts when they schedule an appointment, that's where we can help.

Clients prefer to schedule online

With Schedulista, you can expect 75% to 90% of your clients to book online *. More than half of those clients will book outside business hours, the majority of them in the late evening. This statistic is perhaps more impressive than it first seems: More than half of your clients prefer to schedule appointments when you are not reachable.

How many new clients would you miss if they could book online with someone else? How much repeat business would you miss if it wasn't just a few clicks for clients to rebook? The numbers above suggest that it is quite significant.

Moving your salon appointment book online means more appointments and happier clients.

Stay in touch with your clients

If you're using an offline salon appointment book, it can be difficult keep track of your clients. When clients book online, we store their contact information for you. You can easily access all of your clients' emails, phone numbers, and appointment history. You can export client data and either send them email directly or integrate with marketing services like MailChimp or ConstantContact.


How much time do you spend each day playing phone tag with your clients?

Online Scheduling lets your clients schedule themselves. Every business is different, but a busy salon can expect to save hours every week by switching to online appointment scheduling *.

* On Jan 1 2012, we did a study of our online scheduling customers. We looked only at businesses that (1) used online booking to schedule 15 or more appointments per week, and (2) included e-mail addresses in at least 50% of their provider-booked appointments, and (3) had been using online scheduling for more than 60 days. We found that the majority of these customers had 75% to 90% of their appointments booked online, and that the majority of these appointments were booked outside of business hours.