Georgia Sports Massage

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Chrissy Landers 770-757-9806
Robin Rogers 404-293-4288
Amy Stewart Murphy 678-978-2642
Greg Eisenberg 770-330-8835
Rae Long 423-304-1004
Bethany Kloster 865-765-2357
Ben Wooley 404-985-4637

If you are seeking a same day appointment, please contact your therapist directly. Appointments within a 12 hour time frame are not available for online booking.

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Sports Massage Therapy

30 Minute Sports Massage - $70
45 Minute Sports Massage - $85
60 Minute Sports Massage - $100
90 Minute Sports Massage - $140

KT/RockTape Taping

KT/RockTape Taping - $15
Taping for pain, posture, swelling/inflammation, muscle fatigue, and performance.

Myofascial Release (MFR)

Myofascial Release Technique 90 minutes - $140
Rae Long uses the John Barns Myofascial Release Technique which applies a slow, gentle stretch to penetrate deeply within the fascial system of connective tissue. The goal of this treatment is to free-up connective tissue restrictions allowing for increased range of motion and better postural alignment, resulting in decrease of pain.
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