A couple of small improvements

Recently we added a number of small improvements.

Automatically choose provider based on a configurable ordering

On the /settings/policies page you can now choose for the system to automatically select an available provider based on a configurable ordering. The ordering is the same as on your public scheduling page and can be configured on /settings/users.

Provider SMS notifications are now queued

In the past, you could limit when SMS notifications would be sent. This was there so you wouldn’t get woken up  when a client scheduled an appointment in the middle of the night. But, in that case, you wouldn’t get notified at all. We now queue the notifications  and send any pending notifications once you are available to receive them.

You can configure all of this on the edit user page,  which you can find by clicking edit on the /settings/users.

User interface improvements

We made some interface improvements. The two most noticeable are the new /settings page, and the new /settings/design page.

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