New feature: Mark, track and charge no-shows

We’ve added a new feature where you can mark an appointment as a “no-show”.

When you mark as a no-show, you can also charge a previously captured credit card.

And you can see all appointments that were marked as no-shows on the client record.

Note: This feature is available on the website and also on the beta version of the mobile app. You can learn how to join the mobile app beta here.

View no-show appointment in edit client dialog

2 responses to “New feature: Mark, track and charge no-shows”

  1. Felix Avatar

    Cool feature.

  2. Anne Chao Avatar
    Anne Chao

    Thank you for the new feature. This is a cool additional tool. Stripes charges a little less when we charge a card on file vs manually inputting the card. Thank you for the improvement. We appreciate it!

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